PT3D: PowerTome

  • PowerTome 3D Model

    PT3D: PowerTome with 1mm Advance for Serial Sectioning

    The PT3D features a full 1 mm of advance, permitting uninterrupted, ultra-thin, sectioning to a depth of one millimeter. This unique advantage is especially beneficial for 3D reconstruction work, array tomography, and any situation where high amounts of precision specimen trimming are involved.

    The all-in-one computer controller features a slim design 21.5” touch screen control monitor, including a wireless mouse & keyboard, interconnect cables & accessories. All control functions can be activated by touching the control monitor screen, or by mouse while maintaining the use of the tactile digital controller. The color monitor displays a bright and user-friendly control interface with intuitive control icons logically arranged around the video display.

    Various add-on components for array tomography are also available.

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