Microscopic Sample

The applications of microtomy and ultramicrotomy are not limited to biological or life science studies. Challenging samples, metals, and ceramics, for example, can be sectioned by RMC Boeckeler’s ultramicrotomes and rotary microtomes with their power-driven cutting stroke, thus allowing for harder specimens and larger block faces to be addressed.

It is sometimes necessary to prepare thicker sections with a larger surface area for light microscopy, FTIR, and Confocal amongst other applications. RMC Boeckeler microtomes are modular in design and can be readily configured to suit the most challenging of applications. For materials that require sectioning at cryo temperatures, the combination of the heavy-duty MT990 rotary microtome with the CR1000 liquid nitrogen cooled cryo-chamber makes for a very powerful tool in the areas of research and quality control.

Our team of Application Scientists is on hand to advise you on the best configurations and accessories suitable for your requirements.

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