• MR2 Model

    MR2: Manual Rotary Microtome

    Traditional, Rugged Reliability.

    For routine work, the MR2 and its motorized advance partner, the MR3 are available, both frequently being used for histology and materials preparation. Both rotary microtomes feature a rapid trim function, positive mechanical lock on the hand wheel, specimen orientation and rotation, plus a digital section counter display on the front panel.

    • Heavy base casting for stable sectioning
    • Vertical cutting stroke with solid cross roller bearing specimen carriage
    • Control panel with Digital Section Counter Display and easy-to-clean membrane switches
    • Electronic feed with fast return
    • Separate trim control function with footswitch
    • Preset trim setting for fast block trimming
    • Removable waste tray
    • Wide range of accessories available for Histology, Materials, and Forensic applications
    • Available with High/Low Profile Disposable Steel Blade Holder and Specimen Holder (choice of Cassette Clamp or Fixed Jaw Vise Clamp)
    • MR2 supplied with single footswitch control for trim function
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