• ASH2 Model

    ASH2: Advanced Substrate Holder Attachment for Serial Sectioning

    For Fast, Reliable Serial Section Collection For 3D Tomography.

    Advanced 3D reconstruction and tomography are growing in use in today’s EM world. For small volumes, where tens to hundreds of sections are required, the Advanced Substrate Holder (ASH2) is favored for ease of use and speed.

    The ASH2 is a multi-axis manipulation tool designed to precisely position substrates for the collection of ribbons of serial sections for array tomography. Standard room temperature knives and jumbo diamond knives for larger substrates can be used. Collected sections are subsequently imaged in the SEM or LM.

    The ASH2 quickly mounts onto any current ultramicrotome, instantly converting it into an instrument capable of sectioning and collecting hundreds of sections. This newly designed Advanced Substrate Holder (ASH2) weighs less than 0.5kg and can be mounted directly onto modern ultramicrotomes without modification or the use of additional fixtures.

    For larger volume work, please see our ATUMtome system, which is capable of effortlessly collecting thousands of sections.

  • 3D Tomograms

    3D Tomograms

    Tomograms are produced by array tomography using serial sections from a sample of mouse renal cortex. Bowman’s capsule outlining a glomerulus (green), adjacent tubulus (yellow), the glomerular basement membrane (magenta, blue), and glomerular cells (blue) with a background BSD “TEM-like” image from the final layer. *

    *3D array prepared by: Murray C. Killingsworth PhD (1 – 4) and Tzipi Cohen Hyams PhD (1-3) as below:

    1. Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research
    2. University of New South Wales, Sydney
    3. Western Sydney University
    4. New South Wales Health Pathology
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