• MT990 Model

    MT990: Rotary Microtome

    For automated sectioning, the MT990 rotary microtome features a motorized, programmable, automatic trim providing a reproducible, consistent cutting speed. With an accelerated return stroke and adjustable cutting zone, the MT990 effortlessly cuts paraffin, plastic, and hard specimens. The advantages of the motor drive can also be used to reduce the strain of repetitive, high output histology sectioning. Included with a separate controller for hands-off operation of the motorized cutting stroke, the MT990 may also be used manually. Features include:

    • Tactile control unit: Digital feed totalizer, selectable for either total feed in microns or total number of sections
    • Cutting mode control with; continuous cut, single stroke, intermittent cut
    • 4-channel memory for storing section thickness/cutting speed combinations
    • Fast coarse feed advance/reverse control
    • Step advance for electronic trimming
    • Foot Pedal for hands-off control of cut and trim functions
    • Optional Binocular Microscope Accessory with Backlighting Accessory
    • Optional cryo attachment (CR1000) permits sectioning from +40°C to -160°C
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