Microcode II

  • Microcode II

    Microcode II

    Microcode II® digital readouts can be used to display measurement or positioning information from the following devices:

    • Digital positioner and micrometer heads
    • Digital dial indicators
    • Digital linear gages
    • Digital filar eyepieces (requires readout with scaler)
    • Linear measuring systems


    • Inch or metric readings selectable at any time
    • A relative or absolute zero switch which allows a temporary zero without losing an absolute zero reference
    • A zero reset
    • The direction of the count (plus/minus) sign can be reversed
    • Optional RS-232 output to computer or printer
    • An RS-232 averaging option
    • A scaler option that permits the use of a scale factor (required with digital filar systems)
    • Min/Max/Diff option for measuring “out of roundness”
    • Offset option for adding the dimensions of gage rods and blocks.
    • Optional output to Mitutoyo(TM) SPC products.
    • Dual voltage option for 115/220-volt power supply.
    • Tilting base option.
    • CE Mark.

    Common Configurations:

    • 1-M: one-axis digital readout without options
    • 1-MR: one-axis digital readout with RS-232 output
    • 1-MRD: one-axis digital readout with dual voltage and RS-232 output
    • 2-M: two-axis digital readout without options
    • 2-MR: two-axis digital readout with RS-232 output

    Technical Specifications:

    • Inputs: Encoders with TTL quadrature square wave output as standard
    • Error Messages: Power failure and overflow
    • Display: Full six decades of seven segment LED’s readable to 20′ at 120 degrees
    • Resolution: To .000 1 mm or .000 010 in. Optional resolution to .000 005 in
    • Approximate Dimensions: Up to 7.5″ (H) x 10″ (D) x 5″ (W)
    • Approximate Weight: Up to 6 lbs
    • Warranty: 1 year parts and labor
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