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Boeckeler Instruments Inc. has been a manufacturer of nanotechnology products well before the popularization of the term. Established in 1942 as “Boeckeler Instruments Company” by Henry Boeckeler, and in affiliation with Arizona Tool and Die, the company manufactured mechanical micrometer heads accurate to +/- 10 millionths of an inch. They were first used in repairing the exterior aluminum skins of WWII military aircraft, and are the finest micrometer heads made in the world to this day.mic-heads-n-readout

In the 1960s, Boeckeler entered the digital age with the introduction of digital micrometer heads and readouts. And in 1987, the company reorganized under new ownership, becoming Boeckeler Instruments Inc., with continuing focus on nanotechnology, beginning with the manufacture of auto-positioning systems for microscope stages and video measuring systems used in quality control applications.


pt-pc_on_air_table_captionlIn 2000, Boeckeler acquired the RMC product line, which had its start in the nanotech field in the early 1950s. In fact, RMC today is the continuing operation of the company that developed the first commercial ultramicrotome in 1953, cutting ultra-thin sections of samples to 100 nm and below.This product eventually evolved into today’s RMCultramicrotomes that can slice thicknesses below 30 nm.

Since Boeckeler’s acquisition of the line, RMC has spread its wings into other sample preparation equipment as well including cryosectioning systems, automatic EM tissue processors, glass knife makers, freeze substitution systems and a wide range of associated accessories used in both the material science and cell biology markets.


As a whole, Boeckeler Instruments is a highly responsive and internationalized company, with worldwide sales and service reflecting the current global market, and stretching across Europe, Asia and the United States.

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