VIA-30J Crossline Generator

The VIA-30J is a video crossline generator which can overlay a video image with crossed lines, vertical lines or horizontal lines. It generates ten marker or line patterns in varying thicknesses.

    • Three types of positionable lines–vertical lines, horizontal lines or crossed lines.

    • Each line may be displayed in one of ten different line patterns–solid fine, medium or bold; dotted fine or bold; dashed fine, medium or bold; scaled fine or bold.

    • The ability to position and anchor multiple lines on the overlay.

    • The overlay may be stored for fast and easy retrieval.

    • An intersection option which allows users to select an intersection which is closed or open.

    • A centering option which automatically places an intersection in the center of the screen or leaves positioning up to the operator.

    • On-screen display of X and Y coordinates of positionable lines(s) for repeatability.

    • A matte option which adjusts a line’s gray level from white to black for optimal contrast with the video image, or changes a line’s color when a VIA-RGB or VIA-Y/C interface is used.

    • On-screen menu options for clearing the screen entirely or erasing lines one at a time.

For detailed information on the VIA-30J, download this datasheet in PDF format.

For detailed information on all VIA- video measuring and marking devices, download this catalog in PDF format.

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