Digital Linear Gauges

Boeckeler digital linear gages are available in a variety of lengths and resolutions. Designed for longer life and durability, the digital linear gage offers an accurate alternative to dial indicators.

    • Greater resolution than conventional indicators.

    • Accuracy to +/- 0.003 mm (+/- 0.000 120 in) per 25 mm travel.

    • Resolution to 0.000 5 mm (.000 02 in). For 0.000 5 mm resolution DLGs, the Boeckeler Microcode II™ digital readout in metric mode will display up to 100 mm only.

    • Measurement range to 310 mm (12 in). For other ranges, contact Boeckeler Instruments, Inc.

    • Proven, trouble-free operation.

    • Electronics which are well insulated from shock, dirt, dust, chips, etc.

    • Compatible with TTL quadrature digital readouts.

    • Accessories available include shock tip, roller tip, extensions, and extension tips to serve a variety of applications.

For detailed information on our digital linear gauges, download this datasheet in PDF format.

We’re also happy to answer your questions: This page lists our contact information.

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