Digital Dial Indicators

A Boeckeler® digital dial indicator can be used as a direct replacement for most mechanical dial indicators in many applications. They offer many advantages over conventional dial indicators, such as:

    • Encoded dial indicators have greater resolution than conventional indicators.

    • Accuracy to +/- 0.0005 in or +/- 0.005 mm.

    • Resolution to 0.00001 in or 0.001 mm.

    • Measurement range to 4 in or 100 mm.

    • Rapid, error-free measurement.

    • Proven, trouble-free operation.

    • Conformance to American Gage Design (AGD) tolerances.

    • Electronics which are well insulated from shock, dirt, dust, chips, etc.

    • Compatible with digital readouts which provide large, high contrast LED readings.

    • A variety of mounting options: horizontal lug back, flat back, and adjustable back.

    • Accessories available include shock tip, roller tip, lift lever, extensions, and extension tips to serve a variety of applications.

For detailed information on our digital dial indicators, download this datasheet in PDF format.

We’re also happy to answer your questions: This page lists our contact information.

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